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5 Safety Tips to Remember When Cruising with a Duffy Boat

Duffy boats are a great way to explore the waterways and enjoy a relaxing day on the water with family and friends. These electric-powered boats are eco-friendly and easy to operate. 

However, like any watercraft, it is essential to prioritize safety while cruising. Here are five safety tips to remember when cruising with a Duffy boat.

1. Wear Life Jackets

Wearing a life jacket is the most crucial safety tip when it comes to boating. According to the US Coast Guard, the majority of boating fatalities occur from drowning, and most victims were not wearing a life jacket. 

Make sure that you have enough life jackets for everyone on board, and that the US Coast Guard approves them. Life jackets should always be worn, even if you are a strong swimmer. Accidents can happen quickly, and unexpected events such as rough water or boat malfunctions can result in a person falling overboard.

2. Be Aware of the Weather

Before heading out on your Duffy boat, check the weather forecast and be prepared for any changes in conditions. Sudden storms, high winds, and rough waters can be dangerous for boaters. 

If you notice that the weather is changing, it is best to return to shore immediately. If you are caught in a storm, stay calm and make sure everyone on board is wearing a life jacket. Head to the nearest sheltered area and wait until the weather passes.

3. Follow Navigation Rules

Navigation rules are essential for boaters. They help prevent collisions and ensure the safety of everyone on the water. When operating a Duffy boat, follow the same navigation rules as other watercraft. 

Keep to the right side of the waterway, and yield to larger vessels. Be aware of no-wake zones and slow down in areas with heavy boat traffic. Always keep a lookout for other boats, swimmers, and obstacles in the water.

4. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal and dangerous. According to the US Coast Guard, alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in fatal boating accidents. 

Consumption of alcohol can impair judgment, vision, balance, and coordination, making it difficult to operate a boat safely. Designate a sober skipper for your Duffy boat and remind guests to avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs while on board.

5. Maintain Your Duffy Boat

Keeping your Duffy boat in good condition is essential for safety when cruising. Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent accidents due to equipment failure or malfunction. 

Check the battery level and charge it before heading out on the water. Be sure to inspect the hull, steering system, and electrical components for any damage or wear. If you notice any issues, address them immediately before your next outing.


Cruising with a Duffy boat can be a fun and safe experience if you follow these safety tips. Always wear a life jacket, be aware of the weather, follow navigation rules, avoid alcohol and drugs, and maintain your Duffy boat. By prioritizing safety, you can make sure that your day on the water is enjoyable for everyone.

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