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Frequently Asked Questions!

Yes, we gladly allow food and beverages on the boat. We just ask that you dont bring anything with red dyes. such as red wine, Cheetos, doritos, etc…

Absolutely no smoking permitted on the boat at anytime. there will be a $250 charge if we find any indication someone was smoking on the boat.

Unfortunately we do not allow fishing off our boats. The lines can get caught in the prop and stop the boat from running.

We do not allow any pets on our boats.

Yes, we have a nice stereo system with bluetooth on our boat so you dont have to bring your own speaker.

Swimming is not permitted of any of our boats.

Yes, all infants and small children count as a passanger. If the boat say 10max that includes infants and children.

Yes! we are more than happy to allow you to decorate the boat. We also offer decorating servies to save you time.