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Orange County's Best Duffy Boat Rentals

Duffy Rentals In Orange County Harbors

Impress your family on the water with our weekly and monthly Duffy boat rentals. We’ll bring the boat right to you with dockside delivery. Enjoy long lasting memmories. No fuss, just fun – that’s what we’re all about.

Your Ultimate Waterfront Dining Experience Awaits! Pull up to your favorite restaurants, and savor every bite right from the comfort of your boat.  It’s the perfect blend of convenience and relaxation for your waterfront adventures.

Take a laid-back spin around the harbor with our electric Duffy boat rentals. Cruise quietly, soak in the harbor vibes, and enjoy the chill atmosphere. It’s all about easy-breezy, emission-free adventures on our electric Duffy boats.

Cruise the harbors on our Paddle Board Rentals! Feel the vibes as you cruise along, soaking up the sun and sea. Whether you’re a pro or just dipping your toes in, our sweet rentals guarantee good times on the water.

Ready to ride? Our surf lessons have all the gear and good vibes for your perfect day at the beach. Kick back, catch some waves, and let our laid-back instructors show you the ropes. It’s all about hanging loose and making waves!

At Sundream we want you to live easy. Leave the provisioning to us. Theres nothing more stressful than trying to plan for your relaxing day on the water. Just show up and we will take care of the rest.

When you join our Sundream club, you are becoming part of the family. Its like owning your own boat without the hassle of storing and maintaining it. We have much more to offer than just renting Duffy boats.


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